MySQL 8.0: More Unicode, less hassle

By | September 13, 2016
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The development team for the open source MySQL database provided users yesterday with a peek into the future — no TARDIS required.

In a blog post announcing MySQL 8.0.0’s development milestone release (DMR), MySQL’s engineers outlined the most significant changes, some of which address problems that have plagued MySQL for ages.

First, let’s sort it out

The first question people are likely to ask: If the most recent version of MySQL was a 5.x release, why’s this one 8.0? For one, version 6.0 was canned as part of the transition to “more frequent and timely releases of the MySQL Server.” Version 7 was reserved for the clustering version of MySQL. That leaves 8.x as the next major version number for the common use-case version of MySQL.

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